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These are the settings to determine the way your source video is encoded.
Include Video:
Check "include video on the output" to include video on the output Flash.
Encoding quality. By default the quality value is set to 75. Higher quality value leads to higher quality output and larger file size. You can specify the quality value from 1 - 100.
Frame Rate:
Number of frames displayed per second. Higher frame rate, leads to smoother output and the larger file size. You can enter the frame rate from 1 - 30. Please note that if your input video was encoded with 10 frame rate persecond, you will need to set the the output frame rate as the same. This is important in order to prevent the output audio out of synch and reduced in quality. There is no frames limit FLV format can handle, however SWF file format can only support up to 16 000 frames. Click here for more info.
Keyframe Type:
With a Fixed keyframe type, a key frame will be inserted on every n frames. With MAX keyframe type, Snosh will decide where best to put the key frames based on the changes in the image but will force one if it has passed over n frames.
The maximum number of P-frames between I-frames. 0 (Zero) for natural keyframing without any forced keyframes.
Ouput bitrate. By default the bitrate value is set to 200 kbps. Higher bitrate value leads to higher quality output and larger file size. You can select the bitrate value from 40 kbps - 2000 kbps.
Width and Height:
The ouput movie size. By default the width and height value will be the same as the input file width and height. To use custom dimension, you will need to select No constraints radio button and specify the custom width and height.
Custom Start/End Time:
By default the converted Flash length will be the same with the input file. Custom start/end time is possible with Snosh. Check on the custom start/end time checkbox and specify the start/end time as in hh:mm:ss . The custom start/end time will be reseted if invalid time in entered.
  • No Constraints
    Use custom dimension
  • Use source dimension
    Use input file dimension
Deinterlace is used to filter the video frames to improve the quality of the compressed output. This is useful especially to use on video capture sources.
With cropping feature, it allow you to specify portion area of the video that you want to encode. Cropping is a method for specifying a region of interest within the video/image and discharging the unwanted data outside this region.
To use the cropping feature, you will need to check the crop checkbox and specify the left, right, top, and bottom area for cropping. Remember to check "Use these dimension..." checkbox as well. Click on OK button to apply the cropping effect.
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